The is: We are all in this life together as ourselves. Like it and don't like it. 

The hope: If we accept that our lives are equally and differently important relevant and meaningful, if we can know that our choices matter, if we can remember that all we do effects the entire fabric, then we can let ourselves know that taking care of, and living in our best selves is the way to take better care of it all.  

The learning: It's only with perspective on our own assumptions and entitlements that we can allow ourselves to loosen to change. We can only get that conversation by taking the time to listen, look and feel the way of another. 

What I Live By (WILBy): Being able to do something about it. To change. To know that each decision we make speaks to the way we participate in this world and if we can change the way we make decisions we change the world. Every act, even shopping, is a creative act that creates more or less options for things we believe in.  With no right answer other than the honest one, start to know what patterns or motivations inform your decisions and make ones that come from places that feel good. 


What I Live By (WILBy) To have a community of people that can express their honest self and appreciate the truth of another.  To take our time, without needing an answer or knowing what is right other than what is right in that moment of honesty with each other.  


What I Live By (WILBy) is less a thing and more of a process through which we can know our things and through knowing more about our things know more about ourselves and our choices and our value in this world. 


What I Live By (WILBy) is a community of individuals come together with the guiding principle being honesty, first within oneself and then one another.


What I Live By (WILBy): is the belief that only through radical honesty we can express our voices and unique way of caring for ourselves and one another while being able to appreciate what is being offered by those around us.  it is dialogue. it is community. it is tolerance and slow. It is a war on entitlement without needing to fight. It is the desire to appreciate the true expression of all those around us, and ourselves. To love creation is to love every part of creation.  

What does that have to do with the Pop Up [Ethical] Sweatshop?

In life, such as it is, there is a countless intelligence and money invested in keeping things as they are. The rich rich, the poor poor, the dependent and the pain and the suffering from moving. So much marketing is directed toward getting us not to think, not to change, not to wake up. When we walk into a store, for example, the smell of our first love, the time we were denied a gift from our mother, the desire for more all making us victims of our own humanity. Of course we shop all the time! We are human and effected by each other.

Practicing makes better.

At the Pop Up [Ethical] Sweatshop - the sweatshop is within the consumer. with a range of choices that represent ethics that speak to different parts of the self - the pop-up becomes a training ground for moving through choices in the world from our hearts. It's a place to exercise caring and a system by which we can get more honest to see who we are in the world and let it shift into being the world we want.

The Practice: Look at our stuff and see that in each thing we carry all that we are.  Explore the metaphor of our interconnectedness as the concrete reality it is - the way we treat the parts of our world. How much we know. What we wear.  

in conclusion:

What I Live By (WILBy): a branding experience designed to reflect the joy of our thoughtfulness in the world- whatever it might be. WILBy is the affirmation of what matters most; to live firmly within your caring and share that loving attention with the people and materials of the world around you. It is an acceptance that our choices are constantly changing, like we are, with the real consistency being our heart and thoughtfulness at the center of everything we do. 

WILBy is our ability to live the meaning we create in the world, and to buy it, wear it, explain it, define it, share it, become it. Whatever WILBy, is what is. 


still confused? write us. write each other. capture and release it. we are all in this together as ourselves.