Friday 7-10 --- A FIRST LAST EVENT.  -- come by for music, relaxation and expression. Join vocal experts Maya Eilam and friends to cultivate your own sounds, and Marie Christine to weave your stories into yarn. 

Saturday 7-9 -- THE SOUND BATH -- relax in the space filled with soothing sound. $20 and please bring a yoga mat

Sunday 1-3 -- REAL LIVE TIBETIAN MONK - Join Sonam Dawa, and learn about his quest to prove if reincarnaton exists

Sunday 6-8- -- CONTINUATION PARTY!!!!!

Ongoing Explorations:

Movement Workshops—Jess Grippo
Thursdays, 7:30 -8:30pm and Saturday 4pm and 5pm

The Emotional Obstacle Course–JP Ramirez
March 18, 5-10pm
Discover how it feels to be with one another. 

The People in the Neighborhood - What I Live By hosts a community party.

March 19th 12-9 pm

2:00-4:30 Bring a Kid, Be a Kid (recommended for ages 7+) ** Jess Grippo has a kids movement class at 4. 

5:00 pm Dance Your Self with Jess   

6:00 pm Breath Workshop with Mei-Yen

6:30 pm Performance Art with Marie Christine

7:00pm Art Gardening Workshop with The Art Gardner

8:00 pm Draw Your Self with Your Imagination


Hacking Spring–Patrycja Slawuta
March 20, 4-8pm
with seltzer & food afterwards

Full Moon Art Garden–The Art Gardener (Andre Feliciano)
March 23, 4-10:30pm
Cultivating ideas, planting seeds of self growth through art. 

Art Gardner Vivarium–The Art Gardener (Andre Feliciano)
March 24-27, during open hours
For anyone trapped in the shuffle of the contemporary art world wanting to get free!

The Other Side of the Mirror:  An Intimate Evening In and Out of Drag

You are cordially invited to a fabulous night of real "Reality TV": be a part of a studio audience and exchange no bullsh!t conversations with gender non-conforming performers, witness their transformation, and be entertained by the song and dance of their alter ego! 

Meanwhile, the entire process is hosted and filmed by cheeky comedian Dr. Wang Newton exploring the expression of the "Inner Wang," that is, your hidden gifts and passions. 

Donations: $5.00 - $50 [thank you for your love and support!]

For more of Wang's World, please visit social media and


Whisper Your Dreams/Kibbitz With Money -  Betsy Witten

April 1,  4:00pm - 8:00pm  

Come spend time exploring dreams and dollars. 

More Events TBA...

Located 601W 57th    now - April 19 OPEN EVERYDAY noon - 8pm

Located 601W 57th    now - April 19


noon - 8pm