After the first pop-up ethical sweatshop we wanted to produce a line of products in an ethical way and transparent. 

We spent months trying to locate a local manufacturer as well as a supplier of locally or at least transparently manufactured cotton. We were  looking for material manufactures willing to show the movement of the material from the seed until the point of sale. The lack of transparency surrounding the production of cotton was overwhelming. Even producers that claimed to be organic, sustainable, and locally focused would not disclose the path their cotton took before being made into material. Without becoming a full time investigative journalist, the details for basic practices of those in the manufacturing business seemed to be beyond reach.

Manufactures were often unable to accommodate new designers and when they were, the cost of local production was on average 15x higher than production overseas.

It was then we realized the  initial vision would have to evolve. Consumers would have to help demand the change. We wanted to share the challenge of doing things right and help bring awareness to brands breaking their backs to make an impact. . 


So it's time to find out more. Because we are educated. And we can. And our caring can make a difference.  I think... 


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Praesent commodo cursus magna, vel scelerisque nisl consectetur et.