This is the fight for your life. Your real life. You don't just get life or living because you are a spirit in a body. You actually have to challenge it all and fight for your life with your entire life. 

No, you didn't ask to be born. And sometimes you wish you weren't. Some of us are born into a whole smack of crappy challenges. Some of us get ourselves into a whole smack of crappy challenge. Or we were born into ease - so much ease that it feels almost wrong. How do we have easy when there is such a wack of really bad landing around us?

Those questions and the ones that swell around them are important but they are just the clues. 

 Real life is neither the pain nor the ease. It's something else. Something that happens together with each other and entirely in and for ourselves. It is something you have to fight to experience and will only happen for you in a way that is specific to you so as it happens for me, I can only say it's worth it. It's hard work. It's the work. Don't give up. There is no relaxation. Fight fight fight. Win Win Win. Live Live Live. Namaste, bitches. 

So... now what?

How do we make a symbol on ourselves that we are in the resistance movement. That we are fighters but the thing we fight for is being our honest selves in the world together? I wish I really knew. I know that if we can borrow the idea of branding without giving into it. If we can use the idea of community without having to define it. There is something in that, something in this. It's going to change but I, and hopefully we, will fight for it. Whatever a place of support looks like. A reminder of what is good and worth fighting for looks like. The next level.