We want to thank everyone that showed up, participated, and helped grow the awesome at the Wythe hotel in BK spring 2014.

Brooklyn Made: BF+DA  

Thanks Deb Johnson and Amy Default and the entire Brooklyn Fashion Accelerator family were next level supportive of the entire pop up. With a kick-ass event to launch their Accelerator during the installation where their designers met each other for the first time, their super talented designers (Alder - aldernyc.com, Design Hype Inc. - designhypeinc.com, Dogwood Dyer - thedogwooddyer.squarespace.com, Suzanne Rae - suzannerae.com,  Voz - madebyvoz.com) letting us showcase their stuffs, and for being all around positive forces for change within locally made fashion. brooklynaccelerator.com 

Natural Dyer: Dogwood Dyer

Liz Spencer came and rocked a natural dying workshop. Many months preggers and totally radiant she shared her process and wisdom. It was great to carry her hats and share her brand and vision with others too.  Learn more here. thedogwooddyer.squarespace.com Thanks Liz! 

Liz and her vibrant marigolds before getting cooked into the fabric.

Liz and her vibrant marigolds before getting cooked into the fabric.

Sustainability Expert and Designer: Carmen Artigas 

There are those people that have skills to get a massive range of things done and the generosity to take the time to introduce people so that they too can join the movement for a more sustainable fashionable planet. Carmen Artigas is one of those people. Thanks for looping us into the BF+DA crew, speaking about the history of shoes, and letting us sell the bags she made in collaboration with mexican prisoners. We are so happy to have you flowing through the community. Thanks Carmen! www.carmenartigas.com


Brooklyn Designer: OSXNASOZI

Thanks Nazsoi for jumping on board when Shani introduced us. Thanks for coming to make your aprons live and showing me what an organized business can look like! For more Ugandan/Brooklyn awesome www.osxnasozi.com

Nasozi making aprons in the pop-up sweatshop.

Nasozi making aprons in the pop-up sweatshop.


Big thanks to Izaskun for coming to the opening and then bringing her jewelry in two days later. Her work had such a deep heart connection - when she brought the rose quartz in I could hardly let it go! I am also so inspired by her professionalism. Check out her stuff. izaskunzabala.com

Izaskun teaching Heidi Heyoka how to make a bracelet. 

Izaskun teaching Heidi Heyoka how to make a bracelet. 

MADE IN NYC - A7 Camera Straps

Melissa and Craig from A7 have been WILBy supporters and contributors from the start. With Melissa laying out the original menu she and the A7 team have a unique place within our community. Thanks for sharing the A7 history in the WILBy studio. Check out A7. Get a strap! www.a7nyc.com

Melissa and Craig getting ready for their presentation. 

Melissa and Craig getting ready for their presentation. 

Leather Designer: Louise Goods

Beka Forney 


Jewelry Designer: ADANA COLLINS

Adana Collins was one of the first designers to say YES! We love yes. She came with her positive messages embedded in her jewelry that we think is totally underpriced. Thanks for the workshop on how to make those watercolor earings and  www.etsy.com/people/adanacollins

Adana teaching how to make her earrings. super fun. 

Adana teaching how to make her earrings. super fun. 


Murphy Thiel brought it, literally, with her staple gun and glues and leathers. She even brought Yazan our house band for musical accompaniment when she made her bags in the WILBy studio. Thanks Murphy! For more Run and Hide -- www.runandhideleather.com

murphy stapling in style

murphy stapling in style

Guest Designer: CMC

Using scraps from other designers collections Cecilia de Corral represents an ethic we love. Upcycling everything. Thanks for making your creations live.  want more Ceci? of course you do www.decorral.net

Guest Leather Designer: AWL X MAUL

Darren's wife works at the Wythe restaurant. One day he shows up and tells us what he does. Next thing you know he is making his creation live being followed by a web series crew. SUPER COOL. Thanks Darren. Check out the handmade leather magic -- www.awlxmaul.com

Darren from Awl and Maul getting down with his leather. 

Darren from Awl and Maul getting down with his leather. 

Guest Swimwear Designer: KIMMY BIKINI 

Kimmy B. brought the dream of summer in through our studio. It was a rough spring. we needed all the sunshine and sun we could get. www.kimmybikini.com

Thanks to everyone that came to do a speaking night. Carmen Artigas, Glenda Hersh, Craig and Mel of A7,

Glenda Hersh, Cerise Mayo, A7

Marissa Cleminti for the dance performance

Cassie for the jewelry

Thanks Tara for the stuff 


Workshops and stuff:


Dogwood dyers

Seedballs - anne and teddy



Matt Rankin

Caroline for the table cloth

La Selva for the textiles


Musicians - house band



Helga Davis



La Selva,\

Audrey for introducing me to Pam Love, 

Thanks Audrey for being so encouraging from the start and looping me into your network. Check her amazingness at www.alrdyeing.com

Thanks Mona/A Detacher for being a supporter and friend and letting me share the ethic with which you produce each of your collections. www. adetacher.com


When we were looking to grow this to make sure that we were hosting a more diverse community Danielle Bailey (currently enslaved at L2) and then Shani Peters reached out to their vast network and put me in touch with Adana Collins and Nasozi Kakembo. Both designers bring their personal style to brooklyn made stuff.  i 

Thanks Paolo and Max for taking pics.

Thanks Nick for photographing

Thanks Penn for saying yes

Thanks Marcus for the beer

Thanks EJ for showing up


Maggie for being next level.

idea of positive collaboration. People that feel that things need to be different but