On the question of productivity

I was recently sitting on the benches outside the New York public library trying to get this site up and running when a guy came up to me and offered me $20 to answer some questions about productivity. It was ironic, I would have stopped to talk to him without the $20 because under the question of production is the question of what are we trying to produce. I am totally motivated by human connection and understanding, not just of others, but of myself and place within it all - including relation to others. He asked me what made me feel productive and what tools I used to help achieve that. For me productivity - or rather - affirmative manifestations of the self are all a reflection of the health of the inner child or psyche. As I explained to him - making a site is pretty easy thanks to Square space. I have the capability to articulate, I have images, I have content but I also have a block that haunts me still. Overcoming that, facing that, that's a productive use of my time. After that the site appears. Things get easier. All of this "work" is a way to get closer to our higher self. That is the privilege of the privileged. To free ourselves from the necessity and compulsion and then help others who are trapped within the socio-economic bind. So I continue to try my hardest to get the site up and sell nothing - in order to create the practice of a type of citizenship that knows real value - the value of oneself.