Reimagining Ritual as a Tool for Change

A conversation with Chid Liberty (an owner of a fair-trade factory in Monrovia, Liberia) followed by a weekend of serious ritual of my own brought be back to the vision from which things began. I was reminded where the g/love campaign comes from and the bigger vision it is a part of- the g/loves are just the first part - to offer hearts for the hands. The second part is the essential one where all that love and prayer supports a new ritual to be found by West Africans so that the sick that cannot be touched can feel held, so the health workers risking their lives can feel supported, so that parents and friends and children can reach for those that are infected. Ritual has a positive and healing effect and a new emergency one needs to be developed and shared. The G/loves can be distributed along with this strategy and conversation. more soon. please share/ comment with ideas until then!