The language of togethering

I seem to continually be asked to justify my path and work by  "followers" and  "likes."  and in the metrics of the day lies the feeling that something is off. A little too easy. That we have lost the influence and importance of Paolo Freire's Pegagogy of the Oppressed are are just looking for people to lead us shamelessly. For example - i'm a terrible person to follow.  Sometimes I know what I am talking about and sometimes I am just talking.

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future fashion

It seems the trend to beautify protection is on.

On doing things

competition, originality, 

such useful tools 

as if any consciousness is our own to claim. 


i am increasingly grateful for the gift of vision without the burden 

to carry it myself.

Reimagining Ritual as a Tool for Change

I was reminded where the g/love campaign comes from and the bigger vision it is a part of. The g/loves are just the first part - to offer hearts for the hands. The second part is the essential one where all that love and prayer supports a new ritual to be found by West Africans so that the sick that cannot be touched can feel held, so the health workers risking their lives can feel supported, so that parents and friends and children can reach for those that are infected. Ritual has a positive and healing effect and a new emergency one needs to be developed and shared.

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