The Copenhagen Fashion Summit (part 1)

So here is the good that happened;

the future. 

Industrialization brings in access to health and clean and new. One dress become three and disease gets rinsed out and dried. Shoes now match each foot and the act of walking includes comfort. Machines absorb pain that once belonged to fingers. Press and printing, the word of god is in the hands of those that want to hold it. in this future we have the tools and time to make thoughts for ourselves. in this future we are participating- poor, no longer a life sentence. 


This future fabric, constructed with metals once hidden beneath the surface, and fertilized by a concept that drives it to grow. Capitalism climbs on technology's back and rides past the heart and mind that imagined imagining it - creating and destroying with equal elegance until we can hardly recognize the place from which it came. 

And so we find ourselves here. In the evaporating reality of today. A little lost. A little scared.  Missing natural reference points that we thought we assumed would stand forever. Nature is shrinking. 

And so we find ourselves wrapped in fabrics that are so far from the ground out of which they came that we can't trace the cycle into which they fit - even if we want to. The disintermediation is so great no one in the chain can know it all.  Who are the people in our neighborhood?

we, finally, after all this time miss one another. we, after all this future, miss the world. 

Last week I was at a gathering of people who came together because they wanted to find each other. Because we want to know where we come from. Where our fabrics come from. Who touches them. We want to live in the cycle of giving and life where resources are both the people that make things and the ground that gives.  We got together because we missed the humanity that is the reason for our lives.  

And there, in Copenhagen, we saw one another and our desire to remember. And I was there too, amongst those dedicated to be alive again in a living world with living people that we can face in all that we do. 

Thank you Eva Kruse and the Danish Fashion Institute for creating a space where we can sit and meet and imagine again.