On Transparency

So lately there is this thing - transparency. You hear it a lot in the eco-warrior clothing world but also in a lot of things. It's a really wonderful idea. Let's know more. Stop hiding. It's usually because something feels a little wrong that the hiding starts in the first place. It's always been true in my own life. There are things I am either trying to get away with or I just don't want to deal with - or I think it's best if someone doesn't know might just make it easier. So practicing transparency and asking and living with transparency is a really good overall life practice.  If we can start talking about things that might seem uncomfortable, and really sensing into them we can also start to sense into the right way to fix them and confront them - not trying to fix them by covering them over more deeply. It's hard to hold the entire truth. Like do we really want to know that a shirt costs $5 to make and costs $20 in the store? Not really - Just tell me how much it is. Do I really want to know the conditions that something is made in or do I only kind of want to know? Or not at all? How much are we able to know and how do we deal with that information and truth? That's kind of the thing. Transparency for it's own sake is sort of empty. Now that we know what will we do? I will bring examples. soon. or call me out on it. I struggle with content.