this blog

why is it so hard for me to check in, share, express in this format on a consistent or in a meaningful way? i feel my resistance and i can track it with the absence of posts as so much has been happening. It is not that I am unable to express things. In conversation I can articulate positions with a force that almost overwhelms my listeners. Yet here, in this outlet designed for it I resist. There is something about the written word that challenges my notion of process. The fixed and the fluid. Something said knowing what is will change. And so - the blog will evolve in that direction. It will be a blog about processes. Both mine, but also those I find in fashion, music, business, expression. What are the ways things are getting done. How are those methods making things easier, better, lighter?

 More coming. Really. In this sharing is my own ability to stick with it. i hope. i think. i am.