Can we TV better?

in trying to craft a show I came to realize anew, all reality tv, if not all tv, is about letting yourself feel smarter, more clever, less of an idiot/asshole/whore than what you see. It affords you the safety and assurance of your own armchair. It reassures your inaction in the world by showing you how ridiculous you would be if you actually ventured out. 

"my life might suck," the TV watcher will think, "but at least I am not that desperate" 

smart and enlightened, which we armchair watchers want too, a market that needed addressing that eluded schools and online efforts got captured by TED and his talks. 18 minutes to get motivated/educated. Enter the intellectualinfomercial and it's own contained glory. let me sit and feel smarter without doing any of the work. 


The question then, the one that has always captivated me, can we use TV better? Can we use it to lift us off - not judge and stay immobile and sink back in?