thank you julie

The inner beauty bar is a work of love that I share with Julie Puttgen and the world. As I ramp up for my WIL B show I wanted to not lose the amazing work we are doing together. I wanted to include it. Bring everything together. But doing the right thing is also having patience to let some things settle. let some things wait on the stove while others are being served. in trying to include too much I lost a bit of what i had. I couldn't quite balance everything and i didn't understand why.  And then my sister Julie reappears with her strength and brave and wisdom. And I will share details later but for now I will just share my love and gratitude. To have a friend that allows me to learn by being uncomfortable with her and also still be loved. I am so so so so grateful for all that is, that is in me and my everything. LOVE YOU JULIE. check out to learn more of our truth.