Finding the Shape of Me

We need other people in order to get things done in the world. We need other people to get to know ourselves, see ourselves, overcome ourselves and do the work on being our better self. But finding the line between collaboration and support and using another for your own conscious or unconscious ends is a really touch line to find, at least for me. I bring this up because I just did it again. To someone lovely, and I want to take ownership for it. There is no 'right' and 'wrong' in this conversation, but that I wasn't able to listen, hear and respect another person for anything other than my own process. It wasn't two people working together off one another. It was me chasing some 'truth' at the expense of what was real. I am not sure if this post makes sense, or it is the type of thing that one posts. I am not sure about blogging at all. But I am sure that I crossed a line, and in doing that I feel grateful to be able to try again. Namaste, bitches.