The HEART-ON Campaign 

The HEART-ON campaign is a social action project that invites people to literally wear their heart on their sleeves.

Designed to reconnect us with our love for ourselves, for our community, for our world and for one another in these divisive times, The HEART-ON Campaign’s goal is to promote positive energy and love towards the co-creation of the city/country/world/planet in which we all feel at home.


How It Works


We provide scrap material from FABSCRAP ( to create heart patches out of waste material, you can pin or  sew them to a jacket, shirt or bag - and get your HEART-ON!


Other options: felting (which turns out to be super fun) block printing a heart-on, painting a heart-on with fabric paint, gluing a heart-on with fabric glue…. Or carrying it with you. In all cases you are encouraged to photograph your HEART-ON and share your passion with both physical and digital communities.


What’s Your HEART-ON?


Share it today!