Collective Intelligence: Together we can know more

The general idea we have been hearing is that 'people' don't care how things are made. That 'people' care about price and style, and when they are shopping ethics doesn't matter. We'd like to disagree but we need 'people' to show that it matters. 

What good is all those years of education and all this connectivity if 'people' can't use it to know more about the complex of ethical considerations in our world and make decisions based on those variables? 

Curious to know more about what you buy? Good, so are we.

Start with your bag:

1) Look at your bag: Who makes it? What do you know about the way it's made, the steps it took to get to a store near you, why it costs what it costs? 

2) Look online, call the company and ask the store employees about the aspect you are interested in: Investigate the environmental, global and local economic, human rights and political impacts as manifest through the production, design and delivery methods of your bag? For example: If it is a cotton tote bag, how far did the fabric travel from the time it was a seed to get made into a bag? How much can you find out about the bag? 

3) Submit what you learned to and get an email notice when that brand and your research has been added to the site. You might have made 2 calls and learned nothing, that's good to know too. Submit any findings. 

4) An info-graphic will be generated to summarize what you were able to find out. As others add to the research the chart will change.

Keep going:

If you are passionate about finding out more about the things you own or buy feel free to submit the research to and receive updates when your research has been added to the site. 

Hurrah for 'people' caring.