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we are richer than we let ourselves know we are. This real richness doesn't happen by working alone, it is in community sharing within ourselves and with each other that we can experience the wealth of being. In interconnectedness we get so much more than any of us could ever have individually. I personally have no plan or idea what that looks like exactly but I do know that when good people come together in honesty good things can happen. 

The idea that you have to do it alone, of the individual genius and ego driven existence actually robs us of  the true wealth available to us, the joy of and in it all.

 When any of us suffer, we all feel it. When any of us shake that suffering and succeed, we all are better. Let's get together and get better. 

So..... ideas? thoughts? projects? proposals? 

please, get in touch

(646) 417-3911 (although I am often phone/callback challenged)

If you write or call you will probably hear back from Elana. 

 if we share our resources we increase our joy in this life exponentially. The hippies weren't entirely wrong. Neither were the capitalists. Neither were the original religious visionaries. Somewhere in the middle of it all is us, is the truth. 

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