Get in touch with  ideas, thoughts, projects. Send in a proposal to get 25+ stickers to explore a neighborhood's identity and find out the meaning around you.  

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DO the WHAT I LIVE BY project on your own. 


Encountering people in their meaning is easy  with this simple Social Encounter Tool. Just follow the below script or create your own.

Step 1) “Hi would you like to participate in an art piece? It's called What I Live By

Step 2)  Hand them a What I Live By sticker/tag/patch 

Step 3) Give them your instagram or social media tool and ask-   “Take a picture of something meaningful to you in this moment."

Step 4)ask them to “ add some words that describe what feels meaningful right now”** 

Step 5) share it via social.

Step 6) and remind them to put the sticker on things that are meaningful. 

and voila! you have met the secret meaning carried in this moment. 

**Other questions to engage someone: a)  what is a decision that you made that changed your life /// b) what is  a decision that you made that changed someone else's life/// c) what is a picture on your phone that matters to you? d) what is an object you carry with you that matters to you?

**remember with them that  there is no right answer. It is just in this always changing moment.