There is a lot on this site that might seem to be confusing or inconsistent. Not unlike the fact that there is a lot in this world that feels and is confusing or inconsistent.  

How to define WILBy? As I change, what I care about changes. WILBy is an acknowledgment that the real constant is caring and knowing that my choices and life matter. WILBy is about being able to find an answer to the question What Do I Live By in each decision in each moment and the acceptance that those answers change.

What I live by?  Sometimes I feel really passionate about the environment and taking care of the earth and I want all my choices to reflect that caring. Sometimes I feel really moved to address human suffering be it labor abuse or human trafficking or the way we are unkind to ourselves. Sometimes I really care saving money and make decisions where I don't get anxious about my own security and sometimes money feels irrelevant and I want to live in a moment that is not constrained by anything. 

The WILBy symbol is meaningless outside of the meaning that is given to it by you. You can use it to remind yourself to breath when you walk into a store. You can use it to invite conversations with strangers. You can use it to spruce up an old bag or shirt.  Buy the WILBy MADE IN USA bag that supports local jobs and the US economy. Buy from the WILBy Shop from Real [Ethical] Sweatshops to support artisans in other countries. Buy a WILBy Factory bag and remind yourself to be mindful of your budget. 

You define WILBy in each purchase, each conversation, each action because you can, because you are important and make a difference with everything you do. When you care, and apply your caring to the things you buy, say, do, you can change the world to be what makes you tre. 








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